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Getting stranded far from home is always a hassle, and it’s always inconvenient. That can happen to motorists very easily though, and it then becomes necessary for some kind of recovery action like retrieving locked keys in the trunk, making duplicate car keys, or re-keying the ignition. If any of these happen to you while driving, an inconvenience can turn into a nightmare.

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Service

When something like this happens to you, it’s very comforting to be able to rely on the technicians from Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store, who can deliver on-site automotive locksmith services to clients anywhere in the Hazelwood region. Since our specialists are on the road every day of the year, they’re always ready to deliver expert automotive locksmith service to motorists of the Pittsburgh area. This is the kind of consistency and reliability that has earned us a reputation for being there when we are most needed.

Our Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store locksmith specialists are always patrolling the community, ready to serve drivers in need. Operating fully equipped mobile locksmith workshops, they have all the tools and equipment necessary to resolve automotive issues like access to your vehicle, or repairing and replacing standard keys as well as transponder keys. Even better, all our automotive locksmith services are competitively priced, compared to what your dealer might charge you.

Trunk Locks

A trunk lock which becomes jammed or broken is never a good thing, but it can be made a lot worse when you have time-sensitive goods inside it, such as groceries or maybe even laundry. This happens frequently after an accident, when the entire car frame is jolted out of alignment. When you need an issue like this resolved, an Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store technician can be at your location within an hour of your call to restore access to your trunk.

Jammed Ignition

Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store, Hazelwood, PA 412-998-9059If your ignition should become jammed, you probably won’t be able to start your vehicle, and if the key becomes stuck inside the ignition, you’ll need some professional help before your car is operational again. The expert locksmiths from Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store can resolve any kind of jammed ignition problem you might have quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road again.



We Make Car Keys

When your car keys get lost somehow or become damaged while you’re driving, it can stop you in your tracks until help arrives. That’s why we make it a particular specialty of ours to provide the fastest key replacement service anywhere around. The mobile vans operated by our technicians in the Hazelwood area are fully equipped with everything necessary to make new car keys and extra car keys. We can also program or replace key fobs, if needed.

Our Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store team of automotive locksmith specialists are very proud of the high quality workmanship they provide, and because of their commitment to excellence we are able to offer the fastest and most effective locksmith services for the Hazelwood community. All area residents needing 24-hour locksmith services such as car lockout services, car key cutting, or car key extraction, can confidently call our emergency hotline any day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Hazelwood PA Locksmith Store, Hazelwood, PA 412-998-9059